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M&S PROPERTY SURVEYOR is acknowledged for its end-to-end services for those planning to immigrate to the United Kingdom. With our services, we seek to make the immigration process for all individuals quick, smooth, and hassle-free. Right from providing property inspection to generate confirmation letter to getting the report generated within the same day, we have a solution for all your property inspection woes. Our express and super express services in property inspection have also enabled us to etch our name among the fastest provider of this service in the UK. You can get in touch with us anytime to discuss your immigration requirements.

Express services

There are many cases where the immigrants need their property inspection confirmation letter urgently and cannot wait for 2-3 days that we generally need to complete the full procedure. At MS Green Properties, we have the required resources to complete the property inspection on the same day on which we receive the online application and offer you the confirmation letter within 24 hours. Over the years of our operations as a property inspection service provider, we have come across many individuals who fill the application on the last day itself and need the confirmation on the same day to be produced with other documents for entry clearance from the UK Border Agency.

Our Express Services might cost a little extra, but you can get this done in just a single day. Our lines are always open for any consultation regarding our Express services. You can either call us on 07377000072 or receive a call back from us by filling up this FORM.

Super Express Services

When you need the property inspection report immediately for getting clearance from the United Kingdom Border Agency, MS Green Properties is that company you should turn to. We are one of the leading providers of property inspection reports for the immigrants intending to settle in any part of the country. Our Super Express Services help the visa applicants who need to produce the property inspection report on an urgent basis. To speed up the work, we provide the on-site inspection report on the field itself.

Once our surveyors visit the accommodation you have mentioned, they will generate the report there itself. We hand out the print out of the certificate instantly and also send it to you online. In some cases, we might need to verify the data with various compliances and laws in our office and once we receive the confirmation from their end, we generate the report instantly. Extra charges are levied for the super express services as well. Get in touch with us any time to discuss your requirements and the quote for the same.

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